Illya's Prompt Exercise

Answering prompts from Jetpack.

Category: Prompts

  • What makes you laugh?

    I love clever humor, especially if it is dark and spicy. I have levels of memes that I share with my friends and family. My partner gets the really dank stuff. My Facebook feed gets the rest. A select few memes I save for times when I need to text. But the answer is clever…

  • I broke the law

    Have you ever unintentionally broken the law? I have unintentionally broken the law. I believe a lot of people do. There are many laws, small and large. I am sure I’ve broken some law somewhere. One time, I illegally parked in New York City. I read the parking sign incorrectly. I got a ticket. In…

  • Crazy Business Idea

    Come up with a crazy business idea. My crazy business idea would be… actually, it is not that crazy. I thought it would be cool to have a coffee truck a drive around the neighborhood selling mochas. It would like the ice cream man but for adults. The music would be some relaxing jazz. I…

  • Challenges

    What are your biggest challenges? Yay! First blog of the new year. I am blessed because the only challenge I want to face is drawing. I really want to draw a lot this year. With kids and a job it is tough to balance. I believe I have a good routine down to accomplish my…

  • Favorite Excercise

    What are your favorite physical activities or exercises? I used to go to a martial arts studio to learn Krav Maga. Due to moving away and the economy, I had to stop. I really need time to do a physical activity. I want to bike. But, like all parents, the time is simply not there.…

  • Favorite dishes

    Do you or your family make any special dishes for the holidays? I haven’t done these in a bit. My mom makes a pastcho pudding pie that we traditionally have. My grandparents had raisin pie that most people like. I think raisins are nature’s nose goblins.

  • Favorite Places

    What is your favorite place to go in your city? A lot of my favorite places are gone due to Covid and big box stores moving in. I still like seeing the cityscape from the top level of parking garages.

  • Collectibles

    What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found (and kept)? The coolest thing I found and kept was a comic end cap display rack. I worked at CVS as a teenager. We had a rack at the end of one of the aisle. I would take a few to read on break and put them back.…

  • Family Member

    Describe a family member. No. LoL. WordPress is trying to get me in trouble. I can get in trouble on my own, thank you very much.

  • Alt-Careers

    What alternative career paths have you considered or are interested in? This is an interesting question for me at this moment. I’ve rediscovered my interest in theology. I’ve been considering going back to school for religious studies instead of graphic desig. or Web coding.